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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Encore Landscape gets you ready for the fall with a helpful landscape maintenance checklist.

Fall Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Lawn Care Maintenance

The moderate temperatures and moist soil of the season do wonders for the look and health of your lawn. So, if you want your lawn looking great in the spring, here is a list of important to-dos: 

  • Fertilize your lawn to help strenghthen its root systems
  • Reseed or lay sod to repair thin or dead patches of grass
  • Remove excess layers of thatch from your lawn to prevent disease 
  • Aerate your lawn to loosen soil and improve drainage
  • Treat your lawn with herbicides to remove unwanted weeds 
  • Cut your grass down to 1.25 inches during the final mow of the season
  • Remove or mulch fallen leaves to prevent them from smothering your lawn
  • Drain and dry out your irrigation system so it does not freeze or crack during winter

Plant and Shrub Maintenance

  • Mulch young plants with 

Inventory all plant materials. Inventory shall include an exact count of all shrubs and trees, itemized by planter. Replace any dead or missing plants subject to the terms of these specifications.
Prune perennial bulbs back to ground level as soon as leaf blades yellow and wilt due to cold weather. Apply 3 inches of mulch on ground surface over bulbs to insulate from cold.
In areas without snow, plant annual color for fall/winter bloom.