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Tree Service | Encore Landscape

Need someone to go out on a limb for you? Encore Landscape provides cost-competitive tree service to businesses and homeowners across  Indianapolis.


Tree Service That Goes Out on a Limb

Our tree service provides businesses and homeowners throughout the Indianapolis area with cost-competitive options for their wooded properties. While we prefer keeping trees healthy through routine maintenance, we have the tools and insurance to yell timber should you have a dead or damaged tree that needs to come down.

Tree Service

Suite of Tree Services

Whether you need new saplings planted or require the removal of an old, dead tree, we can come up with a tree service plan that works for your budget. 

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Installation
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Branch Cleanup


Why Does Tree Service Matter?

Whether you need tree service for your commercial or residential property, it's a job that's best left to a professional.

Not only does Encore have the right equipment to do the job, we have the experience to handle this type of work.  

  • Pruning overgrown or dying branches improves tree health.
  • Installing trees can save energy and lower UV-B exposure.
  • Removing dead or damaged trees promotes safety.
  • Stump grinding eliminates property hazards. 
  • Branch cleanup streamlines the disposal of large limbs. 

Stump Grinding

Tree Service Tidbit

When it comes to tree removal, you may wonder if spending the extra money to grind the stump is worth it. These four factors can help you decide.

1. Stumps are safety hazards. People may be in for a trip if they're not paying attention. 

2. Stumps encourage new growth. The little trees that continue to sprout can be annoying.

3. Stumps get in the way. It can be difficult to maneuver around a stump while mowing.

4. Decaying stumps attract insects. You don't want ants, beetles and termites coming around.

Commercial Landscape Customer Quote

Customer Point of View

"My 70-foot maple came down during an overnight storm. It was a massive tree removal job. While several tree services did not return my calls, Encore was very responsive and did a great joball at a fair price."  

Patrick R., Indianapolis Homeowner